Seamless Customer Connectivity Providing Omni-Channel Support

Symphony platform empowers customers to reach your contact center from everywhere

Symphony is the powerful Solix omni-channel customer service platform that enables contact center agents to support prospect and customer communication through a myriad of inbound and outbound channels.

Solix is a leading business process services company. We are focused on helping government and commercial organizations acquire customers and more deeply engage them in complex programs. We bring a track record of eligibility determination, case management, and world class customer care experience to companies across a range of diverse industries. Solix strives to provide client assistance programs and tools that improve communication with your customers while driving measurable improvements in large scale program productivity and efficiency. Today’s customers do not think in terms of channels. They just want answers to their questions through their own preferred mode of communication. As an experienced business process outsourcing (BPO) partner to a wide range of governmental and commercial organizations, Solix understands that empowering customers to reach you through the channel where they are most comfortable equals improved customer experiences. Empowering your contact center agents with the best tools to respond in every channel equals measurable program efficiency!

Achieve Omni-Channel Customer Connectivity

Symphony provides best-in-class multi-channel communication technology that integrates all your inbound and outbound customer communication. Effective management and support of large scale public and private programs requires prospects and customers have access to a range communication channels. Our consultative program planning and Symphony omni-channel customer support platform linked to our U.S. based contact centers ensures that we treat our client’s customers as if they were our own! Being available on terms most convenient for the customer is key to building both customer satisfaction and long term retention.

Multiple Channels, One Unified Customer Record

Symphony empowers customers to start a conversation in one channel and continue it in another. Our unified customer contact technology allows all prospect or customer communication to be linked and archived allowing for seamless conversations across multiple communication platforms. Symphony features unified omni-channel routing and contact center workforce optimization made possible by cloud based technology. The platform acts as an interaction management suite that empowers agents to positively and productively interact with customers across multiple channels. Solix understands the importance of intelligent customer interaction routing with integration into back-end CRM systems to improve workforce productivity while supporting program trend and performance analysis over time. Symphony is powered by inContact, recognized by Gartners CCaaS magic quadrant as best-in-class.

A Powerful Customer Value Proposition

The Symphony omni-channel customer support platform provides some very compelling benefits to Solix clients around the world. Benefits include:

    • Richer Engagement — Contact Center agents have access to four different communication channels at once
    • Faster Response Time — Agents can respond more quickly to inbound and outbound prospect/customer inquiries
    • Seamless Connectivity — Conversations started in one channel can be continued in another
    • Detailed Reporting — Analytics, reporting, and trend analysis to address customer issues and improve process efficiencies

Unify Your World with Symphony

At Solix we strive to improve people’s lives by helping to connect them to the vital programs the need the most! Let Solix show you how to drive increased contact center efficiency plus more satisfied customer experiences with best-in-class Symphony technology and world class contact center agents. See what omni-channel customer communication can mean to your large scale program management and efficiency objectives.

Customer Communication Management

Symphony ensures the quality of the customer experience remains high

Agents can engage directly via live in-bound and outbound real time voice conversations

Agents can initiate or respond using one of today’s most preferred communication methods

More and more consumers are opting for SMS/MMS mobile initiated text communication

Increasingly becoming the #1 preferred channel for many time challenged consumers