Solix Consulting Services

Our consulting solutions are designed to assist in acquiring maximum eligible funding to support mission-critical goals.

Whether you are seeking federal or state program funding, or need assistance with compliance or appeals processes, you can rely on Solix to serve as your partner in success.

We have the unique capability and experience to assist you with your most complex business challenges. We know what it takes to navigate statutory and regulatory requirements through actionable solutions to achieve successful and sustainable results. Schools, school districts, libraries, library systems, and state education agencies are eligible for federal, and sometimes state, funding assistance to expand the quality and reach of their education programs for students.

Why Solix?

  • Expertise — As the E-rate business process solution provider for the last 20 years, Solix possesses unique expertise and understanding of the data and requirements that drive application approval within the complex set of rules. No other entity understands the policies and system challenges as well as Solix. We have the collective knowledge to efficiently secure the maximal funding for your students and stakeholders.
  • E-rate Roadmap Partner — As the program evolves by expanding funding for Broadband initiatives, eliminating eligible services, or modifying application requirements, Solix can be your trusted partner to navigate the programmatic, procedural and system changes.
  • Maximize Funding — Solix developed the operational processes that support compliance and programmatic requirements. As your E-rate consultants, we will continually explore opportunities to maximize your eligible funding.
  • Analytics and Reporting — Data is a key component of success. Solix has designed and deployed analytics and reporting tools and dashboards that assist clients in capturing key operational metrics to monitor statuses and drive real-time decision making.
  • Advocacy — Solix was a key contributor in advocating for program changes to benefit state agencies, schools and libraries through program reform and process improvement.  As your E-rate consultants, we will continue to advocate for equitable and sensible program evolution and enhancements.

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