We develop products for multiple clients across the country to support policy changes while following federal guidelines using our state-of-the art architecture and design. A subset of the products that have been developed by SSG using this technology are provided below.

Random Moment Time Study (RMS module in e-SivicMACS):
The system supports time study rosters, and data capture of Random Moment Sampling (RMS) data using email, paper and phone.

Administrative Claiming and Cost Settlement System (e-SivicMACS):
The system supports client's administrative claiming, collection and calculation of cost settlements, and comprehensive reporting.

Automated Cost Allocation System (e-SivicCAP):
The system is designed for state and county human service agencies of any size and complexity, and provides all components of development and maintenance of state and county Cost Allocation Plans (CAPs). It is designed to allow clients to configure the system to meet business needs and the approved CAP, thus avoiding the need for computer staff to implement CAP changes.

Direct Service Tracking, Provider Scheduling, Provider Time Tracking and Medicaid Claiming System for School Districts and State Agencies (e-MAXCapture):
The system tracks direct services provided by service providers, obtains Medicaid cost recovery for eligible therapy, behavioral, nursing, case management and residential treatment services.