About Us

Since 1998, Sivic Solutions Group has been providing services to schools, health and human service agencies, and healthcare companies for public and private entities.

Our Philosophy

Based in Utica, New York, Sivic Solutions Group (SSG), a subsidiary of Solix, Inc., offers full service consulting, systems, and operations support and services to public businesses throughout the United States. SSG has extensive experience in financial management and cost allocation consulting, and is a leader in the implementation of large complex statewide systems. Our team offers extensive subject matter expertise in providing solutions and systems to schools, counties and state agencies, working with clients across the country.

The philosophy of our company is based on providing the best customer service, using the best systems in the industry developed and operated by highly experienced staff and building strong relationships with our clients. Service, Systems, Growth (SSG) is our motto!!!

Our Team

Our team includes top consultants with exceptional skills, diversity, and experience in Education, and Health and Human Services, Revenue Management, Cost Allocation and Systems. We have brought together top consultants with exceptional skills, diversity, and experience to provide specialized expertise in the areas of Federal and state financial management policy, quality assurance, auditing, cost allocation, and rate setting, along with experts in systems development and data processing operations for Federal revenue recovery and third-party liability. Many of our consultants have extensive experience in the Healthcare industry, including Electronic Medical Records, Claims administration, Third Party Administration and Third Party Liability (TPL).

Our Operations Center

Our Systems Development and Operations Center in Utica, NY processes Medicaid (schools and social services), TANF, CHIP and Title IV-E claims, and hosts cost allocation, case management, financial management and time study applications for our clients. The state-of-the-art data center is HIPAA-compliant and includes a centralized CPU environment containing multiple servers for all core applications, with well established backup and disaster recovery procedures. Our data center has UPS battery backup to support a two hour power outage and natural gas operated generators to provide backup power for an unlimited amount of time in case of major power failure. Staff offices are also located in Chicago, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Tampa Bay and Albuquerque.