In today’s highly competitive and regulated environment, more focus and resources are required to modernize traditional programs, drive innovation, streamline efficiency and ensure compliance. With tightening budgets and fewer resources, many are turning to outsourcing their programs to companies like Solix.

How Solix Helps

Every day, Solix helps organizations like yours run smarter, more efficient programs so you can find new revenue streams in value-added services while empowering more consumers with better ways to communicate. Whether you need help designing a program to meet your needs or ensuring your existing program is more efficient and compliant, Solix has the knowledge earned through years of experience to help you connect your customers with the services they need – faster. Our streamlined, simplified approach uses our unique eligibility systems technology and expertise to improve your customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

  • Expert Lifeline program design and management based on your specific qualification criteria
  • Fast, secure applicant data collection via multiple application methods – including our new mobile application!
  • Flexible platform that enables quick response to regulatory changes and peak volumes
  • Professional customer outreach and qualification communications via Solix Connect
  • Audit-ready results reporting and compliance controls
  • Program Integrity Consulting to ensure your program isn’t missing the mark with regulatory guidelines

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Success Stories

Solix developed a highly-specialized training program and implemented real-time monitoring and reporting to ensure program agility, effective management and improved results.

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Solix Customer Care Solutions Increase Sales for Fortune 500 Telecom and Data Provider