Rural Healthcare

The Federal Communications Commission’s Rural Health Care Program provides up to $400 million annually in funding to help rural healthcare providers access and maintain affordable telecommunications and broadband services.

How Solix Helps

Solix connects healthcare providers to these essential services and funds, helping them gain access to discounted services that save them millions of dollars and assisting them in achieving connectivity and telemedicine services to better serve their communities.

Solix’s rural healthcare clients see telecommunications costs drop to 30-35% of their previous levels, as a result of receiving these discounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Federal Rural Health Care Program


Rural Healthcare Frequently Asked Questions

Success Stories

Solix examined available federal grants, assessed eligibility for participation, and fulfilled all application requirements to maximize the allowable funding disbursement. As a result, 65% of the Department’s monthly costs on all broadband and telecommunications service were discounted.

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Grant Application Consulting Delivers Cost Savings for County Health Department