In the healthcare field, the Solix team are experts at providing highly trained and certified customer care resources to manage complex healthcare and health insurance eligibility and enrollment programs.

How Solix Helps

Health insurance providers and other healthcare-related program administrators need agile, customer care resources with specialized training in order to support demand increases associated with Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX). What if you could get the resources and customer care expertise you need to ensure the quality, loyalty and revenue benchmarks required for a profitable, consumer-focused business? Solix understands your business and helps clients like you enhance the customer experience, increase retention and remain competitive. Learn more about better customer engagement including:

  • Eligibility Screening
  • Annual Open Enrollment
  • Multi-channel Customer Service
  • Cross-sell & New Product Awareness
  • Customer Surveys & Loyalty Programs
  • Direct Response & Email Support
  • Automated, Agent-less IVR Programs
  • Literature Fulfillment & Mail Processing

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The healthcare landscape is perennially shifting – higher costs, tighter margins, increased competitive pressures, and a growing need for consumers to be better educated and more proactive about how best to interact with the healthcare services ecosystem. Need a scalable ”on demand” solution to meet these growing challenges? Welcome to ez-CARE.


ez-CARE: Managing Healthcare Member Benefits in a Changing World

Success Stories

Solix maintained an average customer satisfaction score of 97% and helped one major insurer overcome particular challenges with customer services during peak enrollment periods by ramping up, training, hiring and then re-deploying staff when these peak periods ended.

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Mastering Change in Benefits Administration: A Successful Partnership

Solix reduced costs and shortened turnaround to a few hours by implementing an agentless program for subscriber payment reminders, all while maintaining an average customer satisfaction score of 97%, which also exceeded quality scoring requirements.

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National Healthcare Benefit Provider Partners with Solix to Increase Campaign and Customer Service Success

For a regional transportation authority, Solix developed an eligibility review and determination system that ultimately provided the customer with significant health care cost savings.

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Solix Helps Transportation Authority Realize Cost Savings with Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit