Laser Focused on Supporting Large-Scale Government Sponsored Programs

Tech + Human Touch Business Services Support for Public Assistance Programming

Federal, state, and local government sponsored consumer programs require outsourced business service partners that are highly responsive, provide best practice data security, and comply with all regulatory guidelines.

Government agencies expect outsourced business service partners who demonstrate an unwavering focus on detail and precise program implementation.

For almost 20 years Solix has delivered precise eligibility determination, case management, and large-scale programmatic support across a broad range of public assistance and financial subsidy programs. From data security to compassionate outsourced customer support, Solix focuses on the details that are critical to the delivery of a broad range of financial products and services.

We understand the specific needs of government mandated, consumer focused programs. Our diligence and focus positions us as a leading provider of Business Process Outsourced (BPO) services to a broad range of governmental organizations that require precise program execution and white glove customer care.

Solix works hard to support the operational and business challenges of government mandated programs designed to support families all across the nation.

As a leading BPO services provider, Solix understands the delicate balance that must be maintained between customer satisfaction and the need to manage costs and program efficiency.

Decades of Business Services Support to Governmental Agencies

For decades Solix has worked with federal, state, and local governmental agencies to help them with in the areas of program deployment, operational day-to-day management and reporting.

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  • Program Design — Collaborative support developing and deploying detail intensive programs
  • Case Management — Precise application processing and eligibility determination services
  • Customer Care — Omni-channel equipped contact centers providing multiple communication options
  • Technology — Highly customizable business process management platform enabling integrated support programming
  • Data Security — Highly secure and redundant protocols to satisfy the most demanding industry standards
  • Growth Programming — Business intelligence and program analytics solutions combined with customer outreach and acquisition assistance.

Industry Insights and Experience

We’ve supported large-scale disaster relief initiatives as well as targeted ABLE financial assistance programs. We understand the data security and responsive customer support that governmental agencies demand!

Our broad multi-industry experience has afforded us opportunities to help numerous governmental agencies improve program efficiencies and customer impact. We understand the importance of compliance monitoring and data security essential to government entities.

We appreciate the need for precise program management, efficiency, and compliance with state, local, and federal regulations.

We deliver measurable business impact:

  • 800+ US based associates
  • Extensive program design and implementation across industries
  • Multiple US based Contact Centers
  • 2 million+ calls annually with 99% measured accuracy
  • 300+ Contact Center Agents
  • Bi-lingual customer care program support
  • 97% documented customer satisfaction scores
  • 20M+ applications reviewed
  • Technology to support <5 minute eligibility determinations
  • Waste, Fraud, Abuse Management – Strategic geo-targeting tools to identify potential fraud issues relative to low income program

The Solix Difference

For 20 years Solix has supported government based public assistance and subsidy programs including:

Lifeline – Large scale landline, cellular, and broadband low income assistance telecom programs

ABLE – Special government sponsored savings programs for targeted disabled consumers

Disaster Relief – Solix provided eligibility determination and funds distribution for Hurricane Sandy victims

Effective support of large-scale, targeted government administered programs demands outsourced service providers that provide end-to-end scope support. Solix provides a range of mission critical capabilities including:

  • Program design, deployment and reporting
  • e-Rate programs for schools and libraries
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Billing and collections expertise
  • Monitoring and real time program reporting
  • Multiple US based support centers

Benefit from Precise Program Execution

Let Solix show you how we can help you implement complex, large-scale support programs while delivering improved program metrics for your organization. When efficiency, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction are key…count on Solix.

Sivic Solutions Group

Solix now offers health and human services as well as juvenile justice agencies and school districts extensive financial management, revenue recovery and cost allocation consulting experience through its subsidiary Sivic Solutions Group (SSG).

SSG assists its customers with the design, development and implementation of major financial systems including Medicaid Management of Information Systems (MMIS) and Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems (SACWICS and CCWIS). SSG’s expertise has provided value-added solutions to agencies for program and financial data integration, case management, integrated eligibility and claims/payment processing as well as accounting and cost allocation.

Core Services include:

Education – Services include consulting services and developing system solutions in the areas of student information, special education tracking, time studies and Medicaid administrative claiming, reimbursement billing and cost settlement.

Health & Human Services – Services include program consulting, federal claiming and regulatory compliance, cost allocation, financial management, rate setting, and healthcare consulting in Medicaid, Title IV-E, CHIP, TANF, SSI, Medicare, and a wide range of block grant funding areas. Consulting experience includes revenue management services in mental health, child welfare, developmental disability, substance abuse, public health, financial assistance, child care, juvenile justice, long term care services and drug and alcohol services.

Systems – Web-based systems include support for case management, financial management, child welfare (SACWIS and CCWIS), Medicaid (MMIS), third party claims management (TPA), county finance information systems (CFIS), and cost allocation.

To learn more about SSG and its services, please visit:

Sivic Solutions Group Website

To learn more about our Government Programs support services:

Focused on the Needs of Governmental Programs

We help manage complex programs by providing a range of critical outsourced business services:

Program Design
Collaborative support developing and deploying large-scale regulatory programs

Claims Processing
Precise application and eligibility processing services.

Customer Care
Multi-lingual and omni-channel contact center support

Eligibility Determination
Automated and manual eligibility determination and case management support

Funds Disbursement
Accountable funds management + secure disbursement support

Compliance Management
Detailed compliance management and reporting systems/protocols

Success Stories

Solix is helping to provide critical support services that help maximize program efficiency and produce the desired results of small business grant programs providing COVID recovery assistance. We provide end-to-end support from initial program design and system development to document intake and management, application review, and applicant outreach all in multiple languages.

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Helping Small Business Recover through Effective Grant Administration

Government entities are choosing Solix to help their communities receive housing assistance to eligible residents.  Solix has rapidly and successfully implemented a range of COVID-19 and CARES Act response projects; encompassing multilingual end user web portals, application intake and review, customer service, payment processing, and audit file preparation.

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Solix Enables Effective & Efficient Administration of Rental Assistance Funds

A Texas municipality sought an experienced partner to help efficiently and accurately qualify, enroll and notify 45,000 participants eligible for its energy subsidy program. Leveraging proprietary technology to quickly filter and match application data points, Solix deployed income verification tools and provided high-touch customer care, and fulfillment services.

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Delivering Income Verification & Eligibility Processing for Energy Assistance Programs

A state public utility commission was tasked with quickly implementing a solution to ensure residents who had lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic would not lose electricity service. The state needed a new and rapid solution to process applications for this assistance program as the existing unemployment infrastructure was strained due to the crisis.

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Helping States Deliver Critical COVID-19 Utility Assistance

In the wake of the destruction to New York City homes caused by Superstorm Sandy, the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery Operations (HRO) launched the Build It Back Program to help New Yorkers repair, rebuild and elevate their homes. The HRO engaged Solix to serve as an extension of their organization and provide consultative expertise and other critical operational services.

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Helping New York Rebuild from Superstorm Sandy

The E-Rate program provides eligible schools and libraries access to affordable telecommunications and internet services. Applicants with the highest poverty levels are additionally eligible for connectivity-related equipment, such as web and email, servers, routers, etc. Solix provided end-to-end management of the program eligibility determination.

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Building Schools & Libraries Program Volume and Efficiency

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