The Experience Required to Support Today’s Utility Organizations

For over 20 years Solix has been a leader in the outsourced business services industry. We’ve worked with private and public sector utilities to help them develop, deploy and manage often complex, consumer-focused programs with enhanced efficiency and improved resource utilization. Many of these programs have required precise management of consumer eligibility and compliance processing.

A Focus on the Needs of Utilities Everywhere

Solix is focused on supporting the specialized needs of gas, water, and electric utilities. We provide a wide range of operational, customer service/support, and business development assistance to help utilities amplify their operational and marketplace impact. Solix supports utilities in key areas including:

Solix Utilities Support


Our Tech + Human Touch Commitment

Solix knows that complex consumer-focused utility programs require the support of leading edge technology coupled with compassionate human interaction. Our concierge customer support program provides utilities with thoughtful interaction that enables customers to communicate in their channel preference – phone, email, and live chat.

We provide detailed case management support coupled with best-in-class technology designed to deliver 100% utility customer satisfaction.

  • Tech – Our proprietary online program management tools and consumer support platform are built on next generation technologies in a secure cloud hosted environment.
  • Touch – We’ve engineered dedicated utilities industry processes leveraging multiple contact centers across the country each supported with an array of omni-channel communication technologies providing customer support throughout the entire program life cycle.


Eligibility and Compliance Specialists

The Solix proprietary Assist-U Program is specially designed to support the needs of retail and municipal utilities everywhere. It supports an array of activities associated with the operational and customer support requirements of utility based discount and low-income assistance programs. Assist-U ensures compliance and precision is applied to the delivery of government energy subsidies to consumers who need it most!

Our highly skilled customer service representatives are trained to qualify and process eligible applicants while also monitoring for and detecting waste, fraud, and abuse.

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Precision Analytics to Support New Business and Program Compliance

Large scale, complex utility programs require meticulous analysis of program and household data. Having access to accurate, real time business intelligence is critical to ensure effective eligibility determination in low income assistance programs.

Additionally, detailed third party and existing customer data can be used to drive new program deployment as part of business development activities.

Our Solix proprietary business intelligence tool helps contextualize large amounts of data often associated with complex utilities programs.

It uses geographic, demographic, and trends data to help utilities make informed program improvement and business development decisions. Solix clients can access, combine, and strategically analyze multiple information feeds and data sources to identify potential program growth and efficiency opportunities.

Solix Business Intelligence Tool

Sample: Geo-Analysis of Local Customer Segments

Specific Utilities Industry Focused Capabilities

Solix offers comprehensive capabilities tailored to meet the specific needs of municipal gas, electric, and water utilities nationwide. From initial prospect targeting to eligibility processing and ongoing account management and customer service support, Solix helps utilities manage complex programs that deliver improved outcomes while delivering improved efficiency.

Solix Capabilities Chart

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Success Stories

Solix’s mobile eligibility platform reduced the average time to complete a successful application for a Lifeline service provider to less than four minutes, resulting in better productivity and cost savings from mobile agent resources.

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Wireless Lifeline Service Provider Leverages Solix’s Mobile Eligibility Platform for Lifeline Program Efficiency

For a regional telecom provider, Solix reduced costs and leveraged automation for a greater speed and efficiency for its recertification program, surpassed customer goals by recertifying 68.5% of their existing customer base, and minimized heavy volumes of processing at one time.

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Regional Telecom Provider Outsources Lifeline Program to Solix for Speed & FCC Compliance

For a Lifeline program administered for a global telecommunications provider, Solix realized 10 times the expected volume of new customers processed in the first year, reviewed more than 18 million applications, and processed 6.4 million new and annual Lifeline certifications while reducing the cost of new customer acquisition.

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Lifeline Program Administration for Global Telecommunications Provider

For the Pennsylvania Universal Service Fund, Solix improved efficiency via automation with 75% of fund participants utilizing online systems versus paper forms, and centralized operational efficiencies for more cost savings and program accountability.

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Solix Provides Total Solution for Cost-Efficient Administration of Government Program