In Financial Services – The Devil is in the Details

Tech + Human Touch Business Services Support for the National Financial Services Industry

Today’s financial services industry requires highly responsive outsourced business service partners who provide data security, cost savings, and regulatory compliance.

Banks, credit card companies, and working capital lenders set a high bar for outsourced business service providers and expect an unwavering focus on detail and precision.

For almost 20 years Solix has delivered business services that help ensure customer satisfaction while helping to progressive organizations accelerate large scale program deployment. From data security to compassionate outsourced contact center support, Solix focuses on the details that are critical to the delivery of a broad range of financial products and services.

We’ve taken the time to understand the specific needs of the industry. Our diligence and focus is why we are a leading provider of Business Process Outsourced (BPO) services to a broad range of governmental and commercial organizations that require precise program execution and white glove customer care.

Solix works hard to support the operational and business challenges of financial services companies as they work tirelessly to support business and consumer groups that rely on them. We understand the delicate balance that must be maintained between customer satisfaction and the need to manage costs and program efficiency.

We Understand the Specialized Needs of Financial Institutions

For decades we’ve worked with a broad range of companies to help them with complex program deployment, management and reporting.

Solix can provide top financial services organizations with a broad range of best-in-class BPO support. From banks and credit card issuers to direct online lenders and insurance claims processors, Solix can combine precise program management, data security, and compassionate customer care to help financial services companies reduce costs and improve operating efficiency.

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  • Program Design — Collaborative support developing and deploying detail intensive programs
  • Case Management — Precise eligibility and application processing/determination services
  • Customer Care — Omni-channel equipped contact centers allowing tier 1 engagement over multiple platforms
  • Technology — Highly customizable technology platform enabling integrated support programming
  • Data Security — Highly redundant security protocols to satisfy the most demanding industry standards
  • Growth Programming — Strategic business intelligence tools + outbound customer acquisition assistance capabilities

Industry Insights and Experience

Our broad multi-industry experience has afforded us opportunities to help leading organizations improve program efficiencies and customer impact. We understand the importance of compliance monitoring and data security essential in the financial services industry.

Top financial services companies BPO partners than can provide them with precise program management, cost efficiency, and strict compliance with state, local, and federal regulations. Solix understands the needs of banks, credit card issuers, insurance companies, and working capital companies.

Solix delivers measurable BPO impact through our:

  • 800+ US based associates
  • Multiple US based Contact Centers
  • 300+ Contact Center Agents
  • Extensive eligibility processing experience
  • Precise funds disbursement capabilities
  • Bi-lingual customer care program support
  • 2 million customer calls managed/year with 99% measured accuracy
  • 97% documented customer satisfaction scores
  • 20 million plus applications reviewed
  • Automated 5 minute eligibility determination

The Solix Difference

The speed of change in financial services demands business service providers that provide an end-to-end scope of support. Solix assists financial services organizations with a range of mission critical capabilities including:

  • Holistic Capabilities – Complete program design, deployment and detailed performance reporting
  • Regulatory Expertise – Procedures and protocols to ensure regulatory compliance management
  • Financial Management – Extensive billing and collections expertise
  • Program Oversight – Ongoing program monitoring and real time reporting
  • Customer Support – Multiple US based contact centers providing inbound + outbound support

Let Us Deliver for You

Let Solix show you how we can help you implement complex, customer focused support programs while delivering improved financial metrics for your organization. When efficiency, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction are key…count on Solix.

To learn more about our Financial Services support services:

Focused on Financial Services Industry Needs

We specialize in helping financial institutions manage complex programs by providing a range of critical outsourced business services:

Tier 1 Application Management
Tier 1 eligibility determination + process management

Targeted Prospecting
End-to-end targeted upsell + cross sell program management

Customer Care
Omni-channel contact center support for customer inquiry management

Customer Research
Targeted outbound surveys to support onboarding or post enrollment protocols

Able Programs
Tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities

Auditing + Certifications
Regulatory required audits + screening program administration

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