Powerful Tools to Meet the Needs of the Electric and Gas Energy Companies

A Diverse Business Services Platform Empowering Public and Private Utilities

Solix is committed to the development of business services that help utilities ensure customer satisfaction while helping to accelerate large-scale program deployment.

We understand the specific needs of integrated, municipal, and regional power utilities everywhere. It’s why we are a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Solix works hard to support the operational and business challenges of electric and gas utilities. We appreciate their tireless work to support diverse populations reliant on them to power their daily lives.

We understand the delicate balance that must be maintained by utilities relative to  customer satisfaction and the need to manage costs and program efficiency.

Focused on the Needs of the Utility Industry

For decades we’ve worked with a broad range of utilities to help them manage complex low-income energy assistance programs while helping them amplify their operational impact.

Solix provides utilities with a broad range of program management, customer support, and business services.

From LIHEAP to weatherization subsidy and solar energy subsidy programs, Solix offers a broad array of highly scalable outsourced business process serviced geared around the needs of utility companies nationwide.

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  • Program Design — Collaborative support developing and deploying population specific programs
  • Case Management — Precise application processing and eligibility determination delivered with compassion and care
  • Customer Care — Solix omni-channel contact centers provide special program + seasonal high-demand customer support
  • Technology — Powerful universal services platform providing mission critical integrated program support
  • Data Security — World class technology platform geared around the specialized needs of the utility industry
  • Growth Programming — Strategic business intelligence tools and outbound customer acquisition assistance capabilities

Industry Insights and Experience

Our utilities industry experience has afforded us opportunities to help public and private energy providers improve program efficiencies and business impact.

We strive to be trusted business services partners to a broad array of utility companies. We understand the importance of compliance monitoring and data security critical to the utilities industry.

We understand the power industry and its need for precise program management, efficiency, and strict compliance with state, local, and federal regulations.

Leverage Analytics to Improve Targeting

Our Intuition business intelligence tool helps contextualize and analyze large amounts of data often associated with complex utilities programs. It helps decision makers quickly identify trends and issues so they can make informed program expansion decisions and better manage waste, fraud, and abuse.

Solix works with clients to combine and analyze multiple information feeds and data sources to illustrate potential program growth and cost saving opportunities.

We know utilities seek speed and efficiency in program deployment and management. Let Solix show you how we can help you improve complex program management, improve overall efficiencies, and reduce operational costs.

Delivering impact across the power industry

  • Helped Texas deliver discounted energy costs to 3.2 million qualified low income households
  • 1.9M calls handled by our contact centers annually
  • Respond to over 16,000 bi-lingual inbound calls annually
  • 300 call center agents
  • Helped a regional utility deliver $29 million/year of discounts
  • Facilitated large-scale Customer Assistance Program (CAP) eligibility determinations

To learn more about our Utilities support services:

An Array of Utilities Industry Support

We help utilities manage complex programs while driving new business expansion across your household population.

Rebate program eligibility determination, enrollment, and application processing assistance

Geo and micro household targeting tools to support new business development efforts

Inbound and outbound "white glove" contact center support

Assistance attracting + enrolling customers in special promotional and business building initiatives

Prospecting + appointment setting to help commercialize weatherization programs

CAP (Customer Assistance Program) + CRP (Customer Responsibility Program) screening, eligibility determination, and benefits processing

Eligibility and Compliance Specialists

The Solix proprietary Assist-U Program is specially designed to support the needs of retail and municipal utilities everywhere. It supports an array of activities associated with the operational and customer support requirements of utility based discount and low-income assistance programs. Assist-U ensures compliance and precision is applied to the delivery of government energy subsidies to consumers who need it most!

Our highly skilled customer service representatives are trained to qualify and process eligible applicants while also monitoring for and detecting waste, fraud, and abuse.

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