A Track Record of Support to the Telecom Industry

Decades of Experience Helping Administer Telecom Low Income Assistance Programs

Solix is a leading business process services company. We help government and commercial organizations acquire customers and more deeply engage them in complex programs.

We bring a track record of eligibility determination, case management, and world class customer care to companies across a range of diverse industries. Few companies in the business services industry have as impressive a track record of accomplishment as Solix in supporting telecom low income assistance programs. In fact over the years we’ve administered over $5 billion in TRS and USF telecom program funds!

Solix understands that telecom companies require a unique blend of human touch and advanced technological support to administer Lifeline, TRS, and USF based low income assistance programs. Since the 1980’s Solix has provided end-to-end eligibility determination, case management, and program administrative support that ensure telecom assistance funds are delivered to the right consumers while linking all parties involved in funds administration and billing/collections process.

We Are Known by the Company We Keep

We work closely with our telecom partners to design, deploy, monitor, and report all the details of complex telecom programs.

We are committed to the development and deployment of business services that provide improved program efficiencies and better utilization of resources for telecom providers everywhere.

From our work with many of the Fortune 100 telecom providers we understand the delicate balance that must be maintained between customer experience, and the need to manage costs and deliver program efficiency for our clients.

End-to-End Telecom Support

Solix provides our telecommunications clients with a broad range of program management, customer support, and business growth services.

From land line to wireless to high speed internet services, Solix has extensive BPO support experience with telecom companies around the world.

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  • Program Design — Collaborative support developing and deploying population-specific telecom programs
  • Case Management — Precise application processing and eligibility determination delivered with compassion
  • Customer Care — Solix omni-channel contact centers provide special program + seasonal high demand support
  • Technology — Powerful universal services platform providing mission critical integrated telecom support
  • Data Security — World-class tech platform geared around the specialized needs of the telecom industry
  • Growth Programming — Business intelligence tools and outbound customer acquisition assistance capabilities

What Makes Solix Different

The speed of change and competitive industry pressures can be dizzying. Solix helps telecom managers by providing a range of mission-critical support services.

Count on the Company Telecom Leaders Rely On

At Solix we strive to improve people’s lives by helping to connect them to the vital programs the need the most!

Let Solix show you how we can help you improve the performance of complex Lifeline, TRS, USF, and other population specific programs. We can help you improve overall program efficiency and business results.

Telecom services include:

  • Holistic Capabilities – Complete program design, deployment, and real-time performance reporting
  • Waste, Fraud, Abuse Management – Strategic geo-targeting tools to identify potential fraud issues relative to low income programs
  • Regulatory Expertise – Procedures to ensure state and federal legal compliance
  • Financial Management – Extensive billing and collections expertise
  • Program Oversight – Monitoring and real time program reporting
  • Customer Support – US-based contact centers support inbound and special program initiatives

To learn more about our Telecom support services:

A Track Record of Telecom Support

We understand the broad service mix offered by telecom companies, as well as their growth and expansion challenges. Let us help you manage complex programs while driving new business expansion across your current and targeted customer footprint.

800 US based employees across 3 regional locations

Manage 12 USF + 4 TRS programs totaling $675M/year

$3.5B awarded to 105K schools + 12K libraries in a single year

Customer Care
99% accuracy + 97% customer satisfaction

18M+ applications reviewed with 75% approved within 5 minutes

Funds Managed
Administer $5.5B of federal funds annually

Bi-lingual customer care program support

Fraud and Abuse
Research 150+ whistle blower hotline claims annually

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