The success of any program built on eligibility requirements starts and ends with how well the program is designed and managed. The amount of care placed into a program’s structure will ultimately determine how long it lasts. Cost, compliance, efficiency, and integrity are all factors that weigh heavily, and require proper maintenance.

Program management refers to the overseeing of your business processes to ensure maximum efficiency, integrity and accuracy. Oftentimes, companies lack the resources and time required to develop robust program management platforms, so they outsource to a third-party vendor, like Solix.

When you outsource your program management to Solix, structural responsibilities are removed from the hands of your staff and placed under the observation of a trained team of experts. These experts have the proper tools needed to efficiently monitor your business needs so that you can pay attention to the issues that matter most.

How does the customer benefit?
Outsourcing program management not only benefits your company, but it substantially helps your customers as well. For example, your customers gain direct access to a representative who serves as the customer’s main contact. When customers are kept in the loop regarding application statuses, they do not have to guess about where they stand. This prevents miscommunication and unhappy customers. As an added benefit, your organization’s phone lines will not be tied up with customers when they have questions as your outsourcing provider can handle the calls. Additionally, the customer will receive proper consideration from certified experts, who are trained and experienced in decisions-making criteria.

How can outsourcing program management help my organization?
Outsourcing program management completes the work you need to accomplish at a significantly reduced rate as its more cost efficient than staffing for the resources you would otherwise need and training them on new processes.

Program management can help your company manage finances, too. Specifically, when your organization receives grant money, it must be handled with care. Our team, for example, administers, processes, and distributes more than $6 billion of grant money every year. So when you get audited, you will not have to spend valuable time preparing reports and worrying about inspections.