With instances of waste, fraud and abuse around several public benefit programs peppering today’s headlines, there’s increasing focus on identifying ways to uncover and mitigate these problems as well as preventing them from happening altogether. (The Top Three Benefits of Program Integrity Audits). Regular program integrity audits are one way to help. They’re independent, third party inspections meant to hold both consumers and organizations responsible for the truth and accuracy of their program’s eligibility claims. These audits are specifically designed to protect against fraud and ensure that only those eligible for various programs based on validated criteria, receive the benefits.

Implementing program integrity audits enables organizations to take control of their programs to protect them from waste, fraud and abuse. Managed by Certified Fraud Examiners who have the tools and experience necessary to identify and isolate fraud, a program integrity audit is completely managed by an independent third party that can look objectively at an organization, its programs and the regulatory environment and act accordingly, without bias towards either clients or employees.

While loopholes are often unavoidable, how they are dealt with will often determine the success or failure in the long run. A program integrity audit can be performed on a one time basis or regularly as needed to ensure continuous compliance. Solix can help with a proven, holistic approach to combat waste, fraud and abuse.