Businesses thrive on strong, long-term customer relationships. Losing just one prospective client can be absorbed in the short term, but, it is important for an organization to think about the long term financial implications associated with gaining a customer for life.  

When a customer has a negative customer service experience, it can result in the end of the relationship, which can cost organizations a great deal in the long run; this becomes especially important if poor customer service consistently turns away prospective stakeholders. It is vital that companies actively work to ensure their call centers are doing everything possible to integrate excellent customer service practices into their long term strategic plans.  

According to a recent Dimensional Research Survey, consumers have great memories. Survey results indicated that individuals are less likely to remember positive customer experiences than negative ones. And, while 24 percent of consumers claimed they continue to search for new vendors for two or more years after having positive interactions over the phone, 39 percent expressed how they will avoid vendors for two or more years after having an adverse interaction. The alarming part is that only 26 percent of consumers think customer service centers provide adequate support to meet their needs.  

Quality customer service today is more paramount; companies are racing to figure out ways to ensure call center success. Outsourcing, part or all of, your contact center services to dedicated professionals who excel at customer service is one way to address this need.  

Partnering with Solix to supplement your contact center services is a critical step in taking a vested interest in each and every customer contact. Solix agents are well-trained, US-based and prepared to deal with the growing demands placed on the customer service sector. The agents are also equipped with the latest technology allowing them to respond in an efficient, timely manner and within budget.

How much does your organization value each customer connection? Learn how you can take an active approach to increasing your consumer base by focusing on the value of every single point of contact.