On average, a company loses eight to 15 percent of its customer base annually. And of this eight to 15 percent, an overwhelming 68 percent are lost due to a poor experience over the telephone. Unfortunately, all it takes is one negative phone call to put the entire reputation of an organization at risk, especially with the rise of social media.

But when your company outsources its contact center services to Solix, it means partnering with an organization that has years of experience assisting both businesses and government agencies in efficiently and professionally dealing with customer needs. In fact, Solix provides all the tools, personnel and results you will need to establish direct connections with your customers. Whether it’s increasing revenue from targeted up-sell or new product campaigns, providing fast, exceptional customer service or delivering a memorable customer welcome experience, Solix delivers measurable results.

When you outsource your call center needs or program overflow to Solix, your organization will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Advanced feature sets to reach consumers – Under the direction of experienced Solix project managers, your contact center services will be managed by live professional agents who have the ability to chat with customers in real-time over web based services. Additionally, the Solix agents are capable of intelligently routing calls through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology and utilizing state-of the art technology to enhance customers’ call experiences. This is especially important due to the fact that in the last five years, the amount of consumers who prefer an automated self-service has doubled in size to 55 percent. Solix’s outbound services also feature live agents who are trained, certified and professional. And with autodialing and predictive dialing services, customers will experience greater satisfaction and ease of use when dialing in.
  • Assistance with specialized programs – Solix agents are able to specialize in whatever area your business calls for—whether you are running a loyalty program, customer survey or servicing eligibility claims. When working for your company, Solix agents become an extension of your brand and your staff, able to seamlessly and effectively engage with your customers. Solix contact center services are designed to meet your business objectives and to provide personalized support for your customer base.
  • Going above and beyond the contact center – With a 55,000 square foot warehouse and fulfillment center, Solix is able to deliver to customers more than just customer support. The company provides end-to-end fulfillment capabilities, allowing you to reduce supply chain gaps and deliver better results tracking. For example, if a customer requests literature fulfillment, Solix will be able to provide material and directly ship to the proper location, which will reduce wait time. Email support, direct mail and integrated shipping are other examples of what the fulfillment center can offer.