The Rural Health Council of Madison County, (RHCMC) has partnered with Solix, Inc. to help providers in Central New York State attain available federal funding for telecommunications.

The RHCMC’s collaboration with Solix is a part of it efforts to coordinate and enhance health care services and its accessibility in the region. Through the Council’s partnership with Solix, local providers can benefit from the valuable expertise the company offers in optimizing available funding from the Federal Communications Commission’s Rural Health Care Program (RHC). RHC enables access to and discounts for telecommunications and broadband services through programs including the Rural Health Care Pilot Program (RHCPP), Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) and Telecommunications (formerly known as the Primary) Program.

Eligible RHC institutions unfamiliar with the application process or lacking the experience to secure maximal funding; can gain the expert insight of Solix on how to apply for and receive RHC funding, including a possible 65% HCF discount for eligible broadband expenses.

“Funding from the Rural Health Care Program is an important source of support that has not been utilized in our area,” said RHCMC President Eric Faisst. “By partnering with Solix who has deep experience with the program, we can help providers secure the maximum funding they are eligible to receive which will help advance the services they provide.”

“The Rural Health Council of Madison County is serving a vital role for providers in the region and we are pleased to have been selected as a partner to support their mission,” said Solix President and CEO Jack Miller. “We look forward to providing our expertise in securing funding that will help enhance services in the area.”

Solix is a leading provider of program administration, eligibility determination and complex application services with 15 years of RHC program experience. Solix’s expertise in managing intricate and regulated programs, coupled with providing customized solutions that deliver efficiency, compliance, and program integrity, have made it a preferred provider for a diverse collection of clients in the government and commercial sectors. Headquartered in New Jersey, Solix also operates facilities in Illinois, Kansas and Texas.

The RHCMC was established in April 2013 by a consortium of organizations representing the largest providers of health and social services in the county. Through the Council, local providers are better able to coordinate the county-wide alignment of health care resources, expertise and services, and evidence based practices to meet health needs in the community. The RHCMC is led by a volunteer Board of Directors which represent the service area and include local leaders in business, education, health and human services.

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Media Contact: Gene King
Corporate Communications
Solix, Inc.