Superstorm Sandy-impacted businesses are “Open for Business” thanks to the Stronger NJ Small Business Grant Program administered with help from Solix Inc. – One recipient says, 

“Thank you so much for all the help you gave me in my applying and receiving money from the Stronger New Jersey Business Grant. I really mean it when I say that I do not think I would have been successful if not for your help. Being a small business – a 5 bedroom bed and breakfast – doing all the work myself, this application was staggering. Yet from the first time you called me, you made it seem possible. I knew that you were there to answer all my questions and help me understand the process. If I called and left a message I received a call back from you. You also prodded me a bit when I needed it. As I mentioned to you on the phone, your caring was as important as the grant I am receiving. (OK, maybe not AS important, but definitely important!) After spending the past year dealing with appraisers and insurance companies who could care less about you and your home and business, I really did not expect anything different from the state. It was definitely a positive experience for me dealing with a professional like yourself. I hope that the other businesses you are working with are as successful as I. Please forward this to whomever you report to. In my eyes you are definitely a Shining Star!” — Grant Recipient 

To learn more about outsourcing your program administration, take a look at Solix’s Disaster Recovery & Preparedness sector.