A new white paper by Solix, Inc. looks at how state Medicaid programs are including new work requirements and what they should consider before implementing these new rules to ensure successful participation and program results.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has invited states to request authority to make employment a condition of Medicaid eligibility.  States are also being given more freedom to test and evaluate approaches to improving program quality, accessibility, and health outcomes in the most cost-effective manner.  Guidance to states was issued earlier this year by CMS that provides detailed instructions on how to evaluate the requirements with metrics and reporting standards related to employment.

The Solix white paper addresses the details that states planning to incorporate work requirements should consider including additional responsibilities and increased administrative costs which may be eligible for federal matching funds.  Readers can download the paper for free by visiting Solix White Paper: How to make the new Medicaid work requirements work for everyone.

Solix can help in the design, execution, and management of new Medicaid engagement campaigns. The Company’s expertise spans from managing large federal public initiatives for technology and healthcare to state and regional projects including Superstorm Sandy disaster relief.  Solix has designed and implemented eligibility and case management processes for government clients nationwide with a focus on customer outreach, process efficiency, automation balanced with our specialist staff, and the design of comprehensive controls to minimize waste, fraud and abuse.

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Media Contact: Gene King
Corporate Communications
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