Utilities looking to enhance and optimize different aspects of their energy assistance programs in order to improve overall performance and results are meeting with Solix, Inc. at the National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition (NEUAC) Conference in Denver June 6 – 8.

Located at conference BOOTH #6, Solix is scheduling appointments for attendees wishing to learn individually about its customized energy solutions. Those interested can call 800-200-0818 or email solutions@solixinc.com to arrange a meeting.

Solix, a leading best-in-class provider of program management, regulatory compliance and customer care services to federal, state and local agencies as well as businesses throughout the United States, has more than a decade of experience serving utilities. Solix helps energy assistance programs enhance eligibility determination, case management and call center workflow while its deep expertise in administering regulated programs and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse enable customers to remain compliant and maximize assistance to eligible applicants.

In addition to a suite of services that help programs improve processes, operations and customer relationships, SOLIX AIM offers an end-to-end assessment that analyzes the entire program. From identifying risks to highlighting opportunities and providing tactical as well as strategic recommendations, SOLIX AIM enables customers to make informed decisions to fund and implement effective solutions.

Founded in 2001, Solix has a record of success in helping customers run more efficient programs, qualify applicants faster with greater accuracy, and enable more responsive customer communications. For more information, please visit the Results section on our website to see how we help our customers achieve success.


Media Contact: Gene King
Corporate Communications
Solix, Inc.