Hospitals, clinics, local health departments and others serving rural communities are invited to meet with Solix, Inc. at the National Rural Health Association’s (NRHA) Annual Conference and receive a personalized risk-free assessment of their potential broadband and telecom funding through the federal Rural Health Care Program (RHC). Solix will be offering complimentary consultations at the conference May 11 to 12 at table #40.

The adaption of telemedicine is evident in its rapid expansion. Last year, 15 million people used telemedicine services, a 50% increase from 2013, and video consultations are expected to surpass 100 million in just four years. In rural areas, telemedicine is helping to improve access to health care and increasing the types of services available but limited resources are posing a challenge for many providers. RHC, established by the Federal Communications Commission, enables access to and discounts for telecommunications and broadband services through programs including the Healthcare Connect Fund.

Solix has more than 15 years of experience facilitating access to the Healthcare Connect and Telecommunication Fund programs. Through our complimentary eligibility assessment, our certified funding experts are helping rural health care providers across the country secure maximal RHC funding while optimizing resources in order to deliver quality care—including a reimbursement of up to 65% for eligible services.

To schedule an appointment with Solix at the annual NRHA conference, please call 855-433-9895 or email

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Media Contact: Gene King
Corporate Communications
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