For the healthcare industry, January 1, 2014 promises to be a challenging time as the influx of new members increase exponentially. As healthcare providers, you know all too well how a sharp increase in service demands can affect your operations. In the coming year, every American will be required to have health insurance or face tough penalties.  

With this surge of customers on the way, even the most prepared company can benefit from partnering with other organizations, like Solix, to strengthen and supplement their eligibility processes and call center services. The question is – how can you use this opportunity to grow your business, strengthen your customer eligibility processes and call center services and maintain an excellent level of customer satisfaction?  

Improve Day-to-Day Operations by Increasing Support During Peak Periods  
With the changes that are set to affect the healthcare industry, greater financial constraints and higher levels of stress coupled with larger volumes of calls may spell disaster. Outsourcing is a great way to ease the burden on your resources while ensuring customer service levels do not decline. Communication needs may not be a concern, but even the most organized company can attest to the fact that peak times can be draining on their staff.  

With the impending increase in insurance needs, now is the time to consider partnering with an organization like Solix. Teaming up to meet these demands can be a tremendous benefit toward improving your services. Start preparing now and determine which services require on-going support versus those that only require a partner during peak periods.

  • Experienced, US-based agents trained on your service lines
  • A multi-channel approach to meet your customer demands within budget
  • Robust reporting to continuously monitor programs against your goals

Bolster your infrastructure while maintaining high levels of customer service. To learn how Solix can help, please take a look at our service offerings.