Rural health care providers interested in telemedicine are signing up for complimentary consultations with Solix Inc. at the upcoming Illinois Rural Health Association (IRHA) Annual Conference in East Peoria August 13-14 at the Embassy Suites Riverfront Center.

Solix, an IRHA member and Patron Sponsor of the event, will provide customized assessments of guests’ broadband and telecom costs and determine their maximal Rural Health Care Program (RHC) funding potential—including a reimbursement of up to 65% for eligible services. In addition to receiving personalized appraisals from Solix’s Grant Applicant Consulting Specialists, those visiting the Solix booth event can enter a drawing for an Apple TV.

To schedule an appointment with Solix at the IRHA Conference please call 855-433-9895 or email If you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation at a different time, please contact us.

RHC, administered by the Federal Communications Commission, enables access to and discounts for telecommunications and broadband services through programs including the Rural Health Care Pilot Program, Healthcare Connect Fund and Telecommunications Program. Providers unfamiliar with the application process or lacking the resources to manage it can gain the expert insight of Solix on how to apply for and receive RHC funding.

Solix specialists are helping rural health care providers coast to coast reduce their broadband and telecom expenditures. Learn more about the RHC program and how Solix can help secure maximal funding to deliver quality care, by visiting our website’s Resources page to learn more about how we help our customers achieve success.


Media Contact: Gene King
Corporate Communications
Solix, Inc.