Rural health care providers seeking counsel and solutions that address telehealth access and high telecom costs are signing up to meet with Solix, Inc., a Gold Sponsor of the National Association of Rural Health Care’s (NARHC) Spring Institute in San Antonio March 30-31.

Located at Booth 12, Solix’s Grant Applicant Consulting Specialists will provide a complimentary customized assessment of attendees’ broadband and telecom costs and determine their maximal Rural Health Care Program (RHC) funding potential—including a reimbursement of up to 65% for eligible services. In addition, those stopping by the Solix Booth at the event in the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk can enter a drawing for a Fitbit fitness activity tracker.

To schedule an appointment with Solix at NARHC San Antonio, please call 855-433-9895 or email If you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation at a different time, please visit contact us.

RHC, administered by the Federal Communications Commission, enables access to and discounts for telecommunications and broadband services through programs including the Healthcare Connect Fund. Eligible institutions, including nonprofit hospitals, health clinics and post-secondary medical schools often do not have the resources or experience to manage the application process. Solix is a leading provider of program administration, eligibility determination and complex application services with 15 years of RHC experience. Solix specialists are helping rural health care providers across the country secure maximal funding while optimizing resources in order to deliver quality care.