Think of the feeling you experience when you are hungry, pressed for time and waiting for service in a busy restaurant. It probably doesn’t take much for you to get up and go to the place down the street that has no wait time and equal quality.

The point is that customers are loyal to their own needs first. And this applies to the healthcare industry, too. They may want to do business with your company or be most familiar with your brand—but they will go to the business that provides them with the best service first. In fact, 59 percent of customers claim that they will switch brands in order to receive better service. And 73 percent of customers claim to have spent more money due to a history of positive interactions.

These statistics indicate that it is in the best interest for companies to pay attention to customer needs. And the best way to do this is to ensure that the first and every subsequent interaction that a customer has is a positive one.

Here are three benefits that your organization will gain from outsourcing your customer care processes:

  • A comprehensive, multi-channel approach: The “one size fits all” model definitely doesn’t apply when it comes to customer service. Staying on top of constantly changing tools, technologies and communications strategies ensures you have the right channels for the right customer segments and programs. The ability to put more personalized, trained resources on some customer sectors while leveraging cost effective and efficient solutions like IVR, click-to-chat and agentless routing for others to perhaps address simpler needs ensures all bases are covered. Professional contact centers understand the need for a multi-channel, integrated approach using the best combination of agents, technologies and processes to ensure your entire customer base gets exceptional, efficient service.
  • Access to a trained and professional team: A professional call center will provide your customers with more than just the in depth information they need. Professional call center agents are trained in the art of dealing directly with others over the phone. They’re trained in customer care best practices and also in how to best represent your brand and your product or service line in order to serve as an extension of your own team. This not only promotes brand integrity but will prevent unnecessary mistakes and ensure that each and every customer is dealt with in a guided, knowledgeable and courteous manner.
  • Quick response times: Failure to respond to a customer promptly will often result in losing that person to a competitor. Customers needs must be prioritized and best practices implemented to deliver on them quickly and effectively. But with all of the pressing needs occurring in your company, how will you find time to ensure that each and every customer receives the response and follow up calls when needed? A professional call center will make this a priority so that you will never have to worry about losing a customer due to a lengthy response turnaround.