The Lifeline program, which provides discounted telephone services and hardware to qualified individuals, depends heavily on the ability of your team to recertify existing subscribers and identify new applicants who may be eligible for this service. Not everyone will make it past the eligibility screening process – thus the need for continuous efforts to identify new applicants.  

To make matters more difficult, in response to widespread abuse in the Lifeline program, participants are now required to recertify every year. The FCC Lifeline Reform has increased the burden of service providers, to ensure the integrity of the program, prevent waste, fraud and abuse and to make sure they provide the service for those who truly need it.  

It is vital that organizations, vested in maintaining a successful Lifeline program, actively seek ways to reach out to new prospective applicants and diligently work to recertify existing customers at the same time. Solix, an expert in Lifeline eligibility screening services, helps organizations run an accurate, efficient program, prevent waste, fraud and abuse and increase their customer base.  

By outsourcing your Lifeline program, you’re able to maintain focus on your core business, provide solid customer service and invest in other important revenue-driving initiatives in a very competitive marketplace. In addition, you have the help you need to comply with the FCC changes around this program such as annual recertification requirements and the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) and access to a US-based team of professionals with the technology and customer experience expertise to maintain program integrity and success.