Picture this: a customer, who is running a high fever but still tasked with getting through an impossibly busy day, still manages to take the time to stop and call your office to discuss a health insurance claim. Your office, however, fails to adequately respond to the customer’s call. 

Statistics indicate, however, that failure to address this call will likely result in negative consequences for your organization. In fact, 17 percent of customers will stop doing business with a company after only one service error. This number jumps to 40 percent after two blunders. In fact, 85 percent of your business could be lost from the result of poor customer service. Therefore, your organization should be doing everything in its power to make sure that the customer feels confident in your responsiveness, your agents’ knowledge of your services and your overall customer care. Otherwise, you might as well hand them over to your competition. 

The good news is that this is not really that hard to do. When you outsource your contact center services, you are bolstering your resources and gaining the assistance of trained call center professionals. By making contact center services a priority and outsourcing to a third party company, customers will feel good about doing business with your organization and will likely stay and grow their relationship with you. 

This is because agents will have the proper tools and experience to best serve customers over the phone. Outsourcing is an affordable alternative to the amount of money that it would cost to purchase your own call center infrastructure and hire and train additional agent teams. And here at Solix, we will provide more than just a phone contact system. Our software provides necessary analytics for targeting the right customers at times when they are available and also the reporting you need to track program success. 

The Solix solution, Solix Connect, is a results driven, cost effective alternative to help your customer service teams. It will ensure that no customer falls through the cracks helps them get the important information and service they need and expect.