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Rapid Funding Assessment Tool

With just a few key inputs, Solix can help determine whether you may be able to apply for E-rate funding. Whether you have never applied for E-rate funds or you want to identify additional potential funding, contact us for a Rapid Funding Assessment. We will quickly provide you with:

  • An estimated amount of funding for which you may qualify
  • What to expect if you’ve never applied for funding
  • Specific details of how working with Solix can help you maximize funding opportunities.

E-Rate Health Check 

Solix’ Maximizer Health Check lets you know how well you are taking advantage of funding, discount, and reimbursement programs that maximize your impact and ability to financially support your mission. Whether you take advantage of the E-rate program, Medicaid reimbursement programs, or other funding support, we can assess your level of compliance and audit preparedness and provides concrete recommendations to maximize continued funding. Our Maximizer Report Card shows your performance and continued progress in key benchmark areas. By using the Solix Maximizer Health Check,  you’ll gain insight into understanding where you are relative to others – including answers to the following questions and more:

  • Are you getting all the funds you are eligible for?
  • Are you leaving money on the table?
  • Are your 470 procurement processes compliant?
  • How well prepared are you if selected for an audit?
  • How organized & accessible is your documentation?
  • Are you invoicing for all of the services?
  • Do you have internal processes in place to support the complex E-rate filing program?
  • Do you know how much you have left in your Cat 2 budget?
  • Do you have your plans submitted to use the funds?
  • Do you know when the critical deadlines are for submissions, appeals, etc.?
  • Are you meeting your deadlines?
  • Are you taking advantage of matching funds support? (state specific)
  • How are the fees charged by service providers compared to your peers?
  • How is your funding levels compared to your peers?

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