E-rate Form Preparation & Submission Services / State Level Support Services

Offering the most experienced team in the industry, including in-depth state level expertise across the nation, Solix can effectively prepare and submit all required forms.

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Application Preparation & Submission Services

Our team will leverage its 20 years of experience supporting the E-rate program, including reviewing hundreds of thousands of applications, developing operating procedures, handling appeals, and processing invoices to help you through the preparation and submission process efficiently and compliantly. We will help you avoid common submission errors that often lead to funding reductions or delays.

    • Prepare and submit required forms, thereby simplifying the complex application system and requirements.
    • Track and send reminders for all the phases of the E-rate funding cycle so you never miss a step.
    • Assist in the RFP/competitive bidding processes to ensure compliance
      – Facilitate pre-bid vendor walk-throughs
      – Review your Request for Proposal (if applicable) to ensure program compliance
      – Provide sample FCC compliant vendor evaluation sheets
      – Assist with filing the FCC Form 470 filing to start the bidding process
      – Manage a fair and open, competitive bidding process; respond to service provider questions; document and store all relevant bidding process documentation
      – Ensure contracts or agreements are approved and signed in time for the filing of the services
    • Assist with the filing the FCC Form 471
      – Determine your Category 2 budget
      – Respond to any inquiries during the programmatic review of your FCC Form 471
    • Post Commitment Support
      – Form 486s, Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) changes, Service Substitutions, Commitment Cancellations/Reductions (Form 500s)
    • Appeals Support for funding denials and commitments
    • Invoicing Support (Form 472s)
    • Audit Support
      – Prepare documentation, meet with auditors, support follow-ups
  • Electronic Document Storage
    – We can digitize and securely store your required documentation to satisfy program retention mandates.

Statewide Support Services

Solix has worked with all 50 states and their E-rate Coordinators and has gained an in-depth understanding of your specific needs and challenges. Our services in support of State E-rate coordinators include:

    • File, monitor and support your statewide consortia applications
    • Navigate the challenging E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) system including monitoring notifications, deadlines and requests for information
    • Coordinate with Departments of Education to provide state level support and reporting
    • Represent state interests in alliances, industry forums and regulatory initiatives
    • Monitor and analyze FCC actions on E-rate issues
  • Provide Help Desk support for schools, libraries, and districts

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