Day-to-day operations and functioning of the corporation is managed by the Executive Leadership Team. These senior leaders guide and motivate employees to align performance with Solix's Core Values.

Leadership Team

Jack Miller

President & Chief Executive Officer

Allen Lane

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Eric Seguin

Senior Vice President – Customer Relationship Management

Maryanne Spatola

Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Bill Ingersoll

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Eric Storey

Senior Vice President Chief Sales Officer

Siva Kakuturi

SSG President & SVP of Strategic Initiatives

David Gorbunoff

Vice President - Service Delivery

Carol Kenner

Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer

Janice Molloy

Director - Enterprise Program Management Office

Bill Colacurcio

Director, Strategic Marketing

Gene King

Director – Corporate Communications & Public Affairs

Board of Directors

Solix is a private corporation with approximately 200 shareholders. The members of Solix’s Board of Directors are elected by, and responsible to, the company’s shareholders and represent a variety of business experience. It is the Board’s responsibility to endorse Solix’s business strategy, appoint and supervise senior executives and ensure accountability of Solix to its owners, employees and customers.

Jack Miller

President & Chief Executive Officer

Gualberto Medina

Chairman of the Board

Robert Gaida

Vice Chairman of the Board and Audit Committee

Carol J. Grant

Commissioner of the Office of Energy Resources for the State of Rhode Island

Tom Bracken

Member of the Board

Edward Evans

Member of the Board

John C. Parry

Member of the Board