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For more than 20 years, Solix has successfully administered state, federal, and commercial programs requiring regulatory program expertise, case management, and protection of confidential information. Each year, Solix manages large-scale programs and issues eligibility decisions that result in the award of more than $5 billion in public benefit funding.

Sivic Solutions Group

Solix’s acquired Sivic Solutions Group who specialize in public sector consulting by developing and operating large student information systems, Medicaid administration, revenue enhancement and compliance initiatives for Medicaid and Foster Care programs. SSG has deep expertise in finance, cost allocation and third party claims submissions for Medicaid and Title IV-E. They are fully committed to guiding clients in collecting every dollar of entitlement under these Federal programs and advising clients in the areas of revenue management, systems development and compliance with government requirements for reporting on these programs.

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In the government sector, Solix is the leading administrator of telecom Lifeline, financial ABLE, and healthcare related BPO programs supporting leading governmental agencies at the state and federal level throughout the U.S.
In the commercial sector, companies are increasingly turning to Solix for specialized customer care, case management, eligibility determination, prospecting, and management of confidential information. Solix services also include low income assistance eligibility processing, open enrollment assistance and concierge customer support.

Committed to Excellence

Behind the numbers is a strategic and executionally adept organization of dedicated, highly experienced people committed to clients and the individuals receiving essential support services.

Each member of our team adheres to our guiding core values of teamwork, open communication, camaraderie, integrity, empowerment, flexibility, customer focus, commitment to quality and achievement. As a company, Solix fosters a collaborative environment that promotes work/life balance, enabling our employees to find the right equilibrium between the demands of their job and their personal lives.

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Solix received top ratings on its performance managing services for residents and business owners affected by Superstorm Sandy.

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