Solix is a BPO partner that moves at the speed of change!

The most demanding government and commercial organizations have chosen Solix for the past 20 years to provide exceptional support and solutions for their programs. Our program expertise and commitment to superior service has enabled customers across the nation – government agencies from the federal to local level as well as commercial leaders in different industries – achieve success.

Our broad range of services, including program administration, eligibility determination and enrollment, customer care, business process management and consulting, are tested, proven and scalable.


Solix helps governmental and commercial organizations attract, enroll, and engage customers in complex programs at every step of the customer engagement journey.

Relationship Growth
Customer Care

A passion for precision

We understand that large scale program administration requires an unwavering focus on precision, accuracy, and attention to detail.

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Comprehensive BPO support capabilities

Program Management

Case Management

Omni-channel Customer Care

Scalable Technology Platform

Customer Intelligence + Analytics

Eligibility Processing

Benefits of Solix BPO Support

Value Cost effectiveness + ROI Accuracy Unwavering attention to detail Data Security Best-in-class technology

Speed + Efficiency Next generation cloud-based systems Integrity Precise + transparent program management

Solix industry support

  • Financial Services

    Financial service companies require partners that are highly responsive, provide best practice data security, and comply with all regulatory guidelines.

    From data security to compassionate outsourced contact center support, Solix focuses on the details that are critical to banks, credit unions, card issuers, and online lenders.

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  • Government Program

    Federal, state, and local government programs require outsourced business service partners that are highly responsive, provide best practice data security, and a history of regulatory compliance.

    For almost 20 years Solix has delivered precise eligibility determination, case management, and large-scale programmatic support across a broad range of public assistance and subsidy programs.

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  • Healthcare

    The healthcare payer industry sets a high bar for outsourced business service providers and expects an unwavering focus data security, executional excellence and precision.

    We understand the delicate balance that must be maintained between customer satisfaction and the need to manage costs and program efficiency.

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  • Telecom

    Solix was born out of the telecom industry.

    Since our inception, we have supported landline, wireless, and broadband providers with elibgibility determination processing, case management, and complex program administration.

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  • Utilities

    Solix works with private and public sector utilities helping them develop, deploy and manage complex, consumer-focused programs with enhanced efficiency and improved resource utilization. We offer a range of capabilities tailored to meet the specialized needs of the municipal gas, electric, and water utilities nationwide.

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Connecting people to programs

Solix provides world class business process outsourcing that connects people to essential government and commercial services, through process management and eligibility determination solutions that make these connections quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with regulatory standards. With Solix as their partner, government and commercial organizations can simplify complex programs, create efficiencies and improve compliance management while receiving superior customer service from the industry’s most experienced and dedicated workforce utilizing cutting edge technology. The Solix team is dedicated to helping those who deliver and benefit from these services, and is proud that we improve the lives of millions of individuals every year.

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