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For over twenty years Solix has been a leader in the outsourced business services industry. We’ve worked with countless governmental, telecom, and municipal utilities organizations helping support complex consumer eligibility and compliance processing.

How Solix Helps

Solix’s unique utility solution focuses on providing outsourced eligibility and compliance support for low income customer assistance programs offered by water, electric, and natural gas organizations. Our concierge program administration features customer care and case management coupled with best-in-class technology, providing the foundation to achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Omni-Channel Customer Service

Solix prides itself on providing a seamless “white glove” omni-channel support to enhance the customer experience.

We specialize in providing our utility clients with highly efficient consumer eligibility processing of discount and low income energy programs. Our well documented eligibility and compliance expertise and proprietary support platform enables utilities to get vital government energy subsidies into the hands of those consumers who need it most!

Our highly skilled customer service representatives are trained to qualify and process eligible applicants for valuable energy support programs while minimizing the waste, fraud, and abuse that often plague these initiatives.

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Utilities Industry Focused Program Support

Solix’s utility program provides seven distinct service offerings tailored to the specialized needs of the municipal gas, electric, and water utilities nationwide. From initial consumer eligibility processing to ongoing account management and customer service support, Solix helps utilities manage complex programs with far greater efficiency.

Solix Utilities Industry Business Service Offerings

Solix business service offerings

The Solix Advantage

Utilities have many options when it comes to processing consumers for myriad of government supported subsidy and assistance programs.

We’ve engineered a dedicated utilities industry focused process leveraging multiple contact centers across the country each supported with an array of omni-channel enabling technologies providing support throughout the entire program life cycle.

We understand the importance and precision of the human touch in eligibility determination, program administration, and customer service. Solix is a “purpose driven organization” that strives to employ people who love what they do.

Our comprehensive utility programs include:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Rigorous program administration
  • Multi-channel, real time customer service
  • Highly scalable infrastructure
  • Early detection risk monitoring systems
  • Ongoing process improvement programs

Customized Utility Industry Program Design

Since the mid-1990’s Solix has been a leader in assisting private and municipal utility organizations to connect essential low-income energy programs to those who need them most.

Our proprietary platform built on next generation technologies in a secure cloud hosted environment.

Solix provides:

  • Cost-effective customer program design
  • High impact/return consumer outreach campaigns
  • Application intake
  • Cross verification of eligibility screening
  • Expedited decisions
  • Audit ready results

Integrated Support Competitors Can’t Match

For the utility industry Solix provides “one stop” shopping with an integrated end-to-end program combining customer care as well as discount and rebate program administration.

Single source accountability ensures executional consistency throughout all critical aspects of complex consumer focused utility programs.

Time is Money

Solix specializes in the design, implementation, and management of low income customer assistance energy programs. With multiple contact center locations throughout the U.S. and ample bandwidth in our technology platform we are actively pursuing new utility industry relationships.

We offer utility companies a scalable, connected, and precision based platform and trained staff in the most complex eligibility requirements. Our associates pride themselves on delivering peace of mind, guidance, and attention to every detail from application processing through the entire energy assistance life cycle for low income consumers.

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Success Stories

Solix’s mobile eligibility platform reduced the average time to complete a successful application for a Lifeline service provider to less than four minutes, resulting in better productivity and cost savings from mobile agent resources.

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Wireless Lifeline Service Provider Leverages Solix’s Mobile Eligibility Platform for Lifeline Program Efficiency

For a regional telecom provider, Solix reduced costs and leveraged automation for a greater speed and efficiency for its recertification program, surpassed customer goals by recertifying 68.5% of their existing customer base, and minimized heavy volumes of processing at one time.

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Regional Telecom Provider Outsources Lifeline Program to Solix for Speed & FCC Compliance

For a Lifeline program administered for a global telecommunications provider, Solix realized 10 times the expected volume of new customers processed in the first year, reviewed more than 18 million applications, and processed 6.4 million new and annual Lifeline certifications while reducing the cost of new customer acquisition.

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Lifeline Program Administration for Global Telecommunications Provider

For the Pennsylvania Universal Service Fund, Solix improved efficiency via automation with 75% of fund participants utilizing online systems versus paper forms, and centralized operational efficiencies for more cost savings and program accountability.

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Solix Provides Total Solution for Cost-Efficient Administration of Government Program