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Solix, Inc. Providing COVID-19 Testing Support to States

August 20, 2020 by Gene King

States are choosing Solix, Inc. and its experience in administering public benefit programs, as well as supporting emergency initiatives such as recovery programs after Superstorm Sandy, to help them coordinate and administer their COVID-19 testing […]

Solix, Inc. Helps Deliver COVID-19 Government Assistance

August 18, 2020 by Gene King

Solix Inc.’s expertise in eligibility determination and experience administering multiple facets of enrollment-based government initiatives, including recovery programs, is being utilized by government agencies to provide economic assistance to small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 […]

MAXCapture Health Office Management Solution

July 14, 2020 by Gene King

Designed and created with the insight of school health professionals, MAXCapture saves school nurses time so they can spend more of it with their students. MAXCapture offers a customized solution to school nursing needs while […]

Introducing MAXCapture COVID-19 Monitoring

June 25, 2020 by Gene King

As schools design strategies to reopen after COVID-19 closures, school nurses will be critically important to the reopening process. It is expected that nurses will lead efforts to coordinate the screening protocols for students as […]

Solix, Inc’s Customer Service Earns ‘World Class’ Ranking in Net Promoter Survey for 8th Consecutive Quarter

May 28, 2020 by Gene King

Client’s high marks on customer service provided by Solix, Inc. in the first quarter of 2020 has resulted in the Company earning its eighth consecutive ranking in the ‘World Class’ category in Net Promoter surveys. […]

Solix, Inc. Consultants Securing Emergency Telehealth Funding for Health Care Providers’ COVID-19 & Other Services

May 18, 2020 by Gene King

Health care providers seeking to receive emergency federal telehealth funding are utilizing Solix consultants to maximize the aid secured for critical COVID-19 and other connected care services for their patients. The Emergency COVID-19 Telehealth Program […]

Solix, Inc. Helping States Deliver Critical Assistance to Residents Affected by COVID-19

May 4, 2020 by Gene King

States seeking to provide assistance to people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are partnering with Solix, Inc. to deliver support through programs that ensure continued access to critical services. Solix has extensive experience in designing, […]

Solix White Paper – Recovering Funds as Medicaid & CHIP Federal Matching Rates Decrease

January 31, 2020 by Gene King

Federal matching for two large and vital healthcare programs will be reduced during the upcoming fiscal year. Every state in the U.S. will be affected by one or both of these reductions, leaving many with […]

Solix, Inc. White Paper : State-Sponsored Paid Family Leave – Opportunities and Challenges

August 8, 2019 by Gene King

“Paid Family Leave” (PFL) refers to compensated time away from work for family caregiving needs, such as a new child or the illness of a family member.  State-sponsored PFL initiatives are picking up momentum in […]

Introducing MAXCapture Health Office Management Solution

June 27, 2019 by Gene King

Our popular MAXCapture Medicaid Claiming System has been expanded to assist health office professionals in schools manage, coordinate and document their daily services to ALL students. MAXCapture’s suite of features, including scheduling and tracking modules, […]

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