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    Smart, Efficient Qualification Processing Solutions for your Utility Programs 

    Investment, innovation, readiness and responsiveness are top priorities for utility companies in order to differentiate in today’s highly competitive market. Climate change, disaster-driven occurrences and external pressures from regulators and ratepayers have resulted in increased scrutiny and at times, negative PR on performance and costs. For over a decade, Solix has partnered with utility companies such as yours, to deliver end-to-end qualification processing, customer care and expertise based on our longstanding relationships with regulatory influencers. We provide you with adaptive and agile solutions tailored to meet your needs such as:  

    • NEW Real-Time Mobile Qualification – Gather applicant information, process and approve much faster and with higher success rates
    • Customer Communications Management – Improve inbound customer service and outreach with our suite of capabilities including Live Agent, IVR, direct mail and chat
    • Eligibility Determination – Ensure efficient, objective reviews so that only applicants who meet your established criteria are eligible for program benefits
    • Program Management – Leverage streamlined program design, administration, and customer segmentation abilities to help you increase participation and reduce cost
    • Reporting and Analysis – Access robust analytics and audit-ready reporting to improve your regulatory compliance
    • Utility Program Consulting Services – Develop efficient, results-driven programs by working with Solix’s experts in translating regulatory changes into best practices

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