Connecting People to Programs

Solix connects people to essential government and commercial services, through business process management and eligibility determination solutions that make these connections quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with standards.

With Solix as their partner, government and commercial organizations can simplify complex programs, create efficiencies and meet standards while receiving superior customer service, the industry’s most experienced and dedicated workforce, and cutting edge technology.

The Solix team is dedicated to helping those who deliver and benefit from these services, and is proud that we improve the lives of millions of individuals every year.

Core Solutions

  • Application/Claims Processing

    Solix deploys solutions that compliantly and cost-effectively process applications and claims of many types, for accurate eligibility determination. We provide scalable solutions that can manage unique, complex application processing as well as standardized, high-volume claims exceeding millions of transactions per year.

    Our proven technology solutions combined with unique case management expertise help drive auditable, measurable and reliable results.

  • Program Administration

    Solix believes determining applicant eligibility is essential to the administration of compliant solutions for complex programs. We’re experts at converting complex and regulatory-based requirements into efficient, user-friendly processes.

    Some of our services include program design, implementation and operations; comprehensive customer communications, including program outreach and education, application assistance and follow-up; and thorough controls combined with business intelligence tools to ensure program integrity and achievement of desired outcomes.

  • Business Process Technology Solutions

    Using our proprietary Solix Unified Process (SUP) for business process management, Solix deploys a range of technology solutions to deliver outstanding results.

    Our leading edge technology platform, that includes integrated controls and comprehensive security measures to ensure the protection of data and compliance with regulatory requirements, allows us to quickly bring solutions to market with the flexibility to customize components to meet your unique needs.

  • Customer Care

    Understanding your business, your brand and your customers is vital to developing a successful program. Our team of best-in-class experts delivers customized and scalable solutions, simplifies complexity and achieves compliance standards.

    Solix’s personalized support, dedicated account managers and robust training ensure quality interactions from start to finish. Our customer care representatives serve as an extension of your brand to provide a consistent and professional experience with every interaction.

  • Consulting

    We have extensive experience with the Federal Rural Health Care program regulations and application guidelines. Our Rural Health Care consulting services provide deep expertise to successfully navigate the complex processes and secure critical funding for your facility.

    With Solix’s business intelligence analytics toolkit, we can help you better understand your data and make timely and impactful decisions. Our unique quality assurance and quality control review services strengthen your processes and controls to achieve better results.

Solix Delivers

In the telecommunications space, Solix is consistently recognized as the # 1 vendor in customer satisfaction rankings as measured by Net Promoter Scores.

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